Kevin.Murphy offers a wide range of premium hair care products for men and women. Standing by their eco-focused initiatives, Kevin.Murphy offers busy New Yorkers the opportunity to make a more eco-friendly changes to their lifestyle with a series of pop-up shops throughout the spring.


Doing away with plastic lids, straws, and wax paper cups—Kafe.Murphy offers you reusable coffee cups that your favorite barista will be happy to fill up for you. 

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Kevins’s.Kitchen offers a sustainable lunch spot for busy New Yorkers to grab a bite to eat. With no single-use plastics or styrofoam products, you can enjoy a waste-free lunch. Every meal comes with a take-home container that you can use for leftovers at any restaurant.


A state of the art Kevin.Murphy Eko.Friendly Green Salons will offer haircuts and information on how to save water and be more environmentally friendly at home. Walk away with Kevin.Murphy product samples.


New Yorker’s have the choice to avoid grocery stores, plastic bags, and food waste at a Kevin.Murphy Farmers.MarKet offering fresh local produce .

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