Hero Video

This hero video is targeted at vegetation management experts in a bid to ensure better electric grid reliability using visual intelligence and AI. 

Social Cutdown
For use on Linkedin & Meta.


GE needs to reach Vegetation Maagement Experts for their new AI driven software solution. They also needed help establising a consistent look and feel for their social, ola, white pages, and ebooks.

General Electric // Client

Digital // Services

Steven Bregier // Art Director

Alexandra Dye // Designer

Rob Connoly // Copywriter

 Steve Campbell // Sr Copywriter

Hawk Hawkson// Sr Copywriter

The Sasha Group// Agency

GE needed help bringing their branding across all mediums as I developed their Ebook Look & Feel.

White Papers
Bringing the GE look & feel to their white papers to create eye-catching documents.

Linkedin Advertising
Elevating the design and use of imagery in GE LinkedIn ads and creating consistent guidelines for future use