American Pet Nutrition // Supreme Staycation

Social Media Promotion

Monique Prieur // Creative Director

Steven Bregier, // Art Directors 

APN Is looking to establish a name for themselves and gain awareness through a digital promotion showcasing this pet food clients commitment to their 4 legged friends.


Guilt. It’s a common feeling that dog owners suffer. APN and are teaming up to help alleviate it by launching the SUPREME STAYCATION. When you enroll in a one year auto ship subscription on, you instantly receive 25% off of your APN order. You will also be entered into a sweepstakes where 20 lucky winners receive a paid three-day vacation from work so that you can stay at home and reconnect with your pet. We will follow 5 bloggers/celebrities as they have their staycations live on social media. They will help drive users to the site to sign up.


We will follow 5 vloggers/celebrities as they broadcast their staycations live on social media. They will help encourage users to use the #SupremeStaycation

on social media.



When you use the #SupremeStaycation on social media will receive a coupon code for The coupon will instantly take 25% off a years subscription of APN dog food with auto ship.


Supreme Staycation

20 lucky customers who purchased APN products will win their own #SupremeStaycation. APN will pay for a three day vacation giving you and your pet more time together.