This campaign begins with an interactive outdoor bus stop animation that connects the user on social media as well. This was awarded an AdCraft D Show D in 2017 as well as two AAF Silver Addy Awards in 2018.


Print explorations include spreads in publications such as game informer as well as posters in targeted cities. This print series was awarded an AdCraft D Show D in 2017 as well as a AAF Gold and a Silver Addy Award in 2018.


This campaign can continue into the holiday season with wrapping paper or converted onto t-shirts. 

Adult swim needed to differentiate themselves in an oversaturated comedy television market. By showcasing Adult Swim's true nature millennials are invited to get weirder in this award winning campaign.

Adult Swim
Get Weirder

Adult Swim// Client

Integrate Campaign // Services

Steven Bregier // Art Director

Morgan Parker // Copywriter

Steven Bregier // Animator

1 Gold Addy // 3 Silver Addys // 2 Adcraft D's // Awards